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September 7, 2019by NowNow0

Nigeria’s economic situation calls for disruptive thinking, with nearly 80 percent of her population living below two dollars. Despite being blessed with both mineral and human resources, Nigeria struggles to remain significant in the international community. This burden is particularly felt by the younger generation, which accounts for 2/3 of Nigeria’s population. Therefore, if the standard of living is low then the drive to succeed becomes lower.

Youths face several setbacks, from unemployment to unavailability of funds for entrepreneurship. Eventually, when a young person secures a job, the merry-go-round of spending makes it almost impossible to account for anything. In as much as the government is working to revive certain sectors, Nigerians are tempted to think that the odds are against us as a nation.

On the path to recovery, there is a clarion call for Nigerian youths to take advantage of opportunities and for businesses to consider horizontal diversification. It is pertinent for Nigerian youths to be innovative and seek for new as well as valuable markets, one of such would be the under-served areas in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, we currently face the problem of only 40 percent financial inclusion. This means that 60 percent of Nigerian do not have a bank account. With this in mind, businesses like NOWNOW Nigeria was born. Born to create a system where every Nigerian with a mobile phone can have access to financial services in or outside the urban environment.

To achieve this, the NOWNOW agent serves as a payment point for people within neighbourhoods or communities, while also making a difference in the advancement towards financial inclusion for all. This allows youths to be a part of global changing initiatives while being independent and running a lucrative empire. For those who already own businesses, it becomes a win-win situation as the influx of customers would steadily improve patronage.

Click here to download the NOWNOW app

Doubt has often killed dreams, but here are a few reasons why you should be a NOWNOW Agent

•Earn large commissions daily
•Attract more customers to your store
•Simple and fast registration for any business size
•Quick and easy payment method
•Sell recharge card/ e-top-up
•Free branding for your store including signage, t-shirts, face caps, banners, etc

How Does the NOWNOW Agent Platform work?

•Register as a NOWNOW agent
•Undergo a short training on how to perform the transactions using the app.
•Start vending the following services; airtime in VTU form or as e-PINs, buy data, pay bills, transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria and send money to any phone number on behalf of customers.

What Start-up Capital Do I Need?

All you need is an android phone and a minimum of N10, 000 to be deposited in the wallet for transactions.

The NOWNOW agent solution is ideal for existing small-scale enterprises/business, retail chains, supermarkets. Customers can transact at any enabled agent store and enjoy hassle-free, fast, and secure transaction procedure. With every one person who has come on board the NOWNOW agent train, we have gained an extra reach to more unbanked areas and more people can now enjoy easy, fast and convenient financial services and they can earn extra money.

You too can become a NOWNOW agent, send an email to customercare@nownow.ng or call us on 07000669669, let’s get you started right away.

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